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Sam Bear's Color

Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy Monday - Dragon Day

These are the celebrations for January 16th

(celebrated on the third Monday)

Appreciate a Dragon Day

All of us, young and not so young, can appreciate dragons. You'll find good and bad dragons in legends, folk lore, children's books, songs, and top movies.

According to Donita K. Paul, the creator of this special day, you are encouraged to learn and explore the cultural and historic significance of dragons.

This day is also intended to celebrate literacy. So, reach for a book about dragons, and read it today!

Other ways to celebrate this day:
·       Draw pictures of dragons.
·       Write dragon poems or stories.
·       Have a dragon puppet show.
·       See a movie with dragons in it.
Take picture of stuffed animal dragons. 

If you see a real live dragon, make sure to take a picture of him, too!

Libraries should feature books with dragons

Most famous Friendly Dragon: Puff the Magic Dragon.

Enjoy these pictures of Men and Dragons plus a few other photos I found on the internet.

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