Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy Wednesday – Hump Day – Jan 4 of the new year 2017

Happy Wednesday

Wednesday is commonly known has Hump Day

The day in the middle week when Men need to take a break and 
fuck something.

Hopefully that something is another Man

Today I suggest to celebrate that you have made it half way through the week, that you…

Go and fuck with as many Men as you can.

Be the Top and fuck some good Ass. Bury your cock deep inside another Man’s Asshole. His brown puckered pleasure hole.

Be the bottom pig and let as many Men who want to fuck you use your Ass for their pleasure. Bend over and grab your ankles as your Asshole is filled with a big horny Cock.

Let your Ass be the Cum-Dump at a mid-week orgy.
Hump as much as you can today.

Enjoy these pictures found on the internet related to today’s topic.
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