Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 28, 2011

2-9-2011 Wednesday Lunchtime

I got to go to lunch a little later on Wednesday and since I am always hungry for man-meat, I decided to go check out the Adult Bookstore on Glenwood.
As I drove past the place to make my U-turn to get to it, I noticed the amount of cars in the parking was low. – Not Good!

I paid my $1.00 cover charge and headed on down the hallway to the area where the video booths are. This gave me three $1 bills in my pocket if I needed to pay for a movie while in a booth.
As I entered the area, I noticed there were only two guys back there. One was a skinny white guy leaning on the snack machine and leaning on the back wall was a chubby Hispanic guy.

As usual, I went into the Men’s Room and took a piss. For some reason, I always have to piss when I get to an ABS.

After leaving the Men’s Room, I headed on back to the area outside booth number 1. The Hispanic was at the other end of the space leaning on the wall outside booth number 10.
I could see form a distance that the Hispanic was grabbing his crotch. Since I don’t wear my glasses into these places, I decided to move a little closer and check out just what he was doing.
I walked through the area to I got the Video machines just outside the Men’s Room. This put me about 15 feet away form him. I could plainly see now that he was grabbing his crotch and cruising me.
I cruised him back some to play the game. I thought I saw him nod his head toward the booth, but I wasn’t real sure so I continued to play his game.
Finally he walked over to booth #7 and walked in it leaving the door open a little.
I followed him and as I entered the booth I made sure I shut and locked the door behind me.
He immediately told me to feed some money into the machine so the clerk wouldn’t yell at us. I reached into my pocket and pulled a dollar bill out. At the same time I felt the two remaining dollar bills fall out of my pocket. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Hispanic quickly lean forward and pick up the money. Then he slipped it in his pocket as I was trying to get the video machine to accept my dollar.

When the video player started, I forwarded it to a Gay movie and turned toward him. He had leaned up against the wall of the booth and was pushing his crotch out toward me. I reached over and grabbed his crotch and squeezed it. There was just a mound. I couldn’t make out what was cock and what was balls. So I pulled up his jacket to give me access to his belt so I could undo his pants and get to his Latin Meat.

Without hesitation, he said to me, ‘you got $20.00? It will cost you $20.00.’

I pulled my hand away from him and said ‘Hell No! I don’t pay for meat I can get free.’ Then I turned and started to unlock the door to the video booth.

He said back to me to wait and I could see it and then I would want to pay for it.
I pulled his cock from his pants and was not impressed. It wasn’t much longer than mine, but it was fatter. His uncut cock had the tight foreskin over the head which could not be pulled back.

I looked at him and down at his cock and said, ‘this isn’t worth $20.00’.
Then I walked out of the video booth leaving him standing there with his cock hanging out of his pants.

I guess he made $2.00 off me looking at it from the money that fell out of my pocket.

I didn’t feel bad about walking out on him. He was overweight to be trying to sell himself and he was effeminate. I bet he was a drag queen on the weekend.

If I am going to pay for same Latin Cock, it is going to be from a Hispanic Man like one of the following.

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