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Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Riding the Devil

This is a story that I found a couple of months ago. 
I post it hear because it is fuck’n Hot!

Greasy Hugs & Nipple Tugs, Enjoy!


I was in a lousy mood. I was in LA on a big business deal that had tanked right after I arrived. I started to think about turning my loss into a gain. As soon as I got back to my hotel room, I was on the Internet looking for someone to play with. It was 9pm, and I had been going hot and heavy with a guy named Nick, who claimed to be into nasty greasy ass play. Just the type of man I was looking for. And here I was, at midnight, in this biker bar and this fucker had stood me up.

So, I’m sitting at the bar nursing my beer, checking out the scenery. I’m wearing a pair of ripped 501s, a pair of leather suspenders, and engineer’s boots, which I always travel with. I also was prominently displaying my 0-gage nipple rings and flagging red in both rear pockets. So, I’m somewhat underdressed, as the bikers are wearing lots of leather. The bar smelled of stain beer, leather, and sweat, all turn ons for me.

I’m getting ready to down the end of my beer and leave, thinking that I was wasting my time. And who, walks into the bar, but my ex's ex. He’s a nasty fuck, who enjoys messing with people just because he can, he’s big and fat and ugly. See me, he strolls over and sits on the stool next to me. He is a shithead who could fuckup anyone’s life on first sight.

He looks over and starts screaming at me, saying I screwed up his life. Saying that my ex, now his ex, had left him because of me. We exchanged some fighting words, and he takes a swing at me, which I ducked under. The bartender bangs a baseball bat on the bar and tells us to cool off. I tell the asshole to fuck off and headed to the can. When I got back to the bar, he’s yelling at a group of men and then turns to glower at me. He gets in my face, and I take a swing at him. The bouncer was standing near by and tells us both to leave.

I was steamed about being stood up and now about the asshole of my ex. I grab my beer sitting on the bar, and drain it completely. I then head out to the car, pissed as all hell. I start getting this warm feeling in my gut, and then start getting lightheaded. I start back to the bar, but sit down on the fender of a car trying to clear my head. Feeling somewhat better, but finally understanding that the shithead had spiked my beer. I start heading back to my car, but I’m fuzzy and disoriented. I need to call someone, but who? I don’t know many people in LA, and I’m going to kill myself if I get behind the wheel.

I reach my car, and lurch around the open door of my car. There on the driver’s seat with his pants around his ankles, is this hot looking man. Full beard, shaved head, shirtless with huge pierced nipples, and a semi-ridged cock. He smiles at me, and says his name is Nick and that I must be Mike. He says he was running late for our meeting, arriving just in time to see the ruckus in the bar. He also saw the fuck put something in my beer, and decided to use it to his advantage. I was raging at him, and he told me to calm down. When I didn’t, he stood up. He was huge, well over 6’4. He put both his hands on my shoulders and pushed me hard to my knees. He told me I had better calm down and pushed his cock into my gaping mouth.

He had been tweaking in anticipation of our getting together. He had a large load of T-Piss that he was saving for me, and he pushed me down deep on his cock and started to piss. I was not thinking clearly, and started to choke on the piss, I pulled off and sucked on the golden piss, taking every drop. By the second, he started to get hard, and through his hardon proceeded to piss down my throat. He kept pissing for what seemed like hours, and I took every drop, finally draining him dry.

I was getting that horny, really horny as I sucked on his cock. I spit on my hand and started to work my fingers into his asshole. He stepped to the side granting me full access, and my hand entered his ass without a pausing.

After a few minutes, he backed away and released my hand. He stood me up and said I looked like I was ready to play and play hard. I told him as long as he had more product and he was into some no-holds barred, give/take fisting, I was up for the trip back to his place. Then he told me, he other surprises.

He spoke to the bartender, letting him know that his car would be in the parking lot for a couple of days. Not thinking all that clearly, I moved over to the passenger seat and handed him my keys. We drove but I could not follow the street signs or directions. I was totally lost and not caring where we were heading. The only thoughts I had was that of being deep into Nick’s ass and he into mine.

I closed my eyes for what I thought was a minute, laying back on the car seat, working my nips hard. We stopped a traffic light and he leaned over me. He sucked on my cock and worked his hand into my ass. I heard a car horn and some yelling. The hand was withdrawn and we drove off. By the time we got to his place I was ripped and ready to go.

He led me to his bedroom, and told me to take off my clothes and get comfortable. I asked if I should clean out and he told me that would be a good idea. I stumbled into the bathroom and found a shower-shot and a bottle of poppers on the ledge. With the warm water running down my leg, I took a hit and pushed the hose up my ass. Nick entered the shower and proceeded to clean me out, pushing the hose deeper into my ass. Returning the favor, I did the same for him. He then told me to bend over and reach for my ankles. Pulling a squeeze bottle from a shelf, he filled my ass with a warm solution and promptly pushed a large butt plug up my ass. He stood me up, toweled me off and led me to his playroom.

We entered the dark room; the only light was two red lamps in opposite corners of the room. Every wall was painted black and the ceiling was blood red with large mirrors hanging from it. Nick directed me to a bed in the corner of the room, and proceeded to straddle me, sitting on my face. He urged me to suck on his rosebud, slowly dribbling out a semi-bitter, semi-sweet liquid. I lapped up every drop, uncaring as to what it was. He hummed some sort of tune, but I could not exactly make it out, laying there between his legs and pushing my tongue up has asshole.

He move to my side and reached over to a small nightstand by the bed. I opened a draw and pulled out a kit containing the points and the t. He looked at me with a faint smile and asked how much I needed to get really piggy, noting that he had just gotten an outstanding delivery … among the best he had every received. I said that .4 was my usually dose and would serve me well.

He stood and left, returning a few minutes later with the loaded points. He asked if he could do me, and I said that I was in no condition to refuse, smiling a shit-eating grin. He tied off my arm and then pushed the rig into my vein. I watched the red cloud form in the chamber, and he untied the armband. Then he said quietly that he had added an additional quantity to my rig and I should relax. I was going to really enjoy the ride.

I was focused on his face, he said “OINK” and depressed the plunger. A warmth spread up my arm and across my chest flowing down to my toes, and then it struck … I could not breathe and started to panic. Nick looked down at me, as if in a long tunnel and in my ear, said “Breath!” I coughed and the warmth hit my brain. I was in heaven and all I needed was something to suck on.

Nick quickly did himself, and as the drug reached his brain, he too coughed loudly as he dropped to the bed besides me. He reversed and leaned over me, and started to suck my cock. Being no slouch, I put his cock in my mouth and after a while reached over and into an open can of Crisco. I started to massage his ass. He groaned and opened his legs wider, urging me to push into him.

He reached over the side of the bed and lifted a  bottle of poppers and another squeeze bottle of j-jelly. He handed me the poppers and squeezed the j-jelly on my asshole. He called out that I should take a hit and hold it for a count of five, then slowly releasing it. As I got to five, he pushed the bottle of jelly into my ass and squeezed, flooding my ass. Then he handed the bottle to me, knowing that I would do the same to him. 

He pushed his hand in the Crisco, clamped his mouth onto my cock and started to suck hard. As he did, he worked his hand into my ass. A faint feeling of panic surfaced in the back of my mind, remembering how large Nick’s hand was, much larger than I typically take at the onset of play. However, he seemed to sense my tension and concern. He raised his head, pushed the poppers into my hand, and told me to take a hit and hold it for as long as I could. When I released my breath and was fully relaxed, he slowly entered my ass to his wrist. Then he started to twist it deeper into me. I was a pig in heaven. He was deep into me in a heartbeat. It was amazing, as he worked his arm into me, slowing and steadily working it deeper. I was so into the moment, I was floating. He played with my ass for what seemed like hours / days. Then he stopped, and withdrew his arm.

I leaned over me, chewed on my ear, and then said, “My turn,” and handed me the jelly. Taking the hint, I sat up and looked at him. He had this grin on his face, I’m not sure if it was just sly or evil, but it turned me on. I flipped him over on his stomach, and started to eat his ass and working his cock and balls hard. He was getting into it, bucking and pushing back on my tongue. When he was nice and wet, I pushed the jelly bottle into his ass. Much to my surprise, there was no resistance and it just disappeared out of sight. He started to chuckle and then was in a full belly laugh in no time. I was in a panic, thinking we had a trip to the hospital in our immediate future. Knowing we both would have a lot of explaining to do in the ER.

He rolled over on his back, and told me to hold out my hands. He grunted and pushed, hitting me squarely in the middle of my chest with the bottle. It dropped into my outstretched hands. Not to be taken advantage of, I pushed the bottle partway into his ass and gave a good healthy squeeze, then without releasing it pulled it out in one quick fluid movement. I told him that he was a fucked up nut case, and he looked at me and smiled. And then he said, “And what’s your story, PIG!” We laughed, and as he lifted his head back laughing, I pushed my arm into him, to just above the wrist. The exhaled and sucked me deep into his gut. I worked him relentlessly. Sometimes my strokes were deep, nearly to the elbow and sometimes I pulled completely out, not stopping as I drove into him repeatedly.

At one point, he bellowed and clamped down on my arm. He screamed “FUCCCCCCK” and tried to push my arm out. I held my ground passing him the poppers. Taking a large hit and holding it, he relaxed, and my arm slid in to the elbow, and then with a moment’s hesitation he was riding on my mid-bicep. I flexed my fist while it was deep in him and slowly pulled it all the way out. As it emerged, he smiled this knowing smile. Quietly he said that I would get my just desert. I told him that was my exact thought and he should do his worst to me, because I was going to do my worst to him.

This went on for nearly two days, pushing and pulling each other over and beyond the edge. Hands, arms, toys of all sizes and shapes were called into play. We rested, catnapped, and drank Gatorade and water. We used our piss or stored it for later use. At one point, we had accumulated about a half gallon of t- layened piss. Nick rummaged in his toy chest and pulled out an enema bag with one hose attached to two nozzles. He made sure the hose was clamped off, filled the bag to its brim, and hung it high over the bed. He found two inflatable butt plugs, each with a hose running through its center. He pushed one deep into my ass and proceeded to pump it till it was filling my cavity. He looked a me, and I did the same to him. We moved our asses together, so that the hoses would reach each plug. He then pushed a nozzle into the hose of each plug, and handed me the poppers. He said I should lay back and enjoy the ride that was about to begin. Lying nearly asshole to asshole we both took hits, as Nick released the hose clamp flooded us with t-piss.

The feeling was like floating on a cloud. I could feel the piss moving deep into me, with no end in sight. Nick grunted as the last of the piss entered both of us. Reaching over, he clamps off the supply hose. Then he reaches over and starts to inflate the dildo in my ass. He pumps it more and more, driving it deeper into me with each squeeze. Sometimes the bulb slips from his hands, and to make up time he leans into the dildo driving it deeper into me. Then he hands me his pump bulb and I do the same for him. Then he hooked his legs over mine, pulling me towards him. I immediately see what he was doing and hooked my legs over his, pulling him towards me. Soon the ends of each dildo were touching and we were driving them deeper into each other. I reach for Nick’s pump bulb and he cautioned me that they were most likely at their maximum inflation. Anymore and we risked a blowout. I dropped the bulb, and with one swift motion, I push the dildo deep into him. I lost sight of the base and then push it deeper with my hand, rotating it as it drives forward. He followed my lead and pushed my dildo deep into me with his hand…. And there we lay.

He released my legs, and slowly moved to my side, never disturbing the dildo or hose. He told me he wanted to push the piss back and forth between us with the dildos still in place. Clamping his legs together, so the plug could not be expelled. He clamped down, and I could feel the piss from his ass entering deep into me. He stopped and smiled, and I tightened my abdomen, pushing the piss out of my ass into him. His eyes rolled back into his head as he exhaled. Back and forth, we pushed the t-laidened piss. It was recycling in its most fucked up form, and we wallowed in the sensation as each wave of piss entered our bodies. We cycled the t-piss between us, all the time I worked my nips hard, as did he. When the mood hit me, I would put the heel of my foot on his puckered rosebud and press, driving the dildo deeper into Nick’s overplayed asshole. Not being a slouch for pleasure or pain, Nick tied a rope to my nip clamps and would pull without mercy, till I bucked and expelled my piss into him.

After quite a while, when the action started to flag, Nick reached over and placed two clamps on the hose connecting us, one just behind each of the dildos entered our asses. Then he pulled the hoses apart at the “t” connector, allowing us to separate. He flipped me over and buried his face in my ass, licking where the butt plug disappeared up my ass. I would push the plug out and he would push it back in with his tongue. After a while, he took the plug’s hose in his mouth. He slowly reduced the pressure in the dildo while opening the hose. He sucked down the t-ladened piss, draining my ass to the very last drop … then burped. He smiled and asked me if I wanted my share, as he carefully pulled the deflated plug from my gaping butt.

Then he rolled on his stomach, and I got between his legs and started to lick his exposed ass. I rimmed him and licked around the plug, never pushing or pulling on it. After a while, with Nick moaning the entire time, I started to play with the plug in his ass. First deflating it, then inflating it to the max; pulling it out then pushing it deeper into him. I discovered that I could deflate it and then push it deep into his ass, followed by a full inflation. He writhed with pain and pleasure. At once point, the plug was deflated and I could feel it on my fingertips, but my arm was in him to mid-forearm. I started to retrieve it, but he told me to inflate it to the max… and so I did. He rolled on his back, and there above his stomach sat this outline of the inflated plug. (If only I had a camera! --- LOL.)

With the plug still in place and not releasing the plug pressure, I slowly released the hose clamp with the tube in my mouth. The pressure was so great that the tube blew out of my mouth. The entire load was lost in a wild waterworks display. When it stopped, I slowly released the pressure in the dildo; Nick grunted and expelled the plug, dropping it into my lap.

With his ass still in the air, I reached over and smeared j-jelly into Nick’s ass. With just a moment’s hesitation, I reached over and pushed my arm deep into his gaping hole. He stiffened, but I reached around him and grabbed his nipple, working it hard. Deeper and deeper I plunged into him. He struggled but finally gave in to my demands. I was well above my elbow. He called for a break, saying that if I did not withdraw, right then and now, I was going to rip him open. Heading his warning, I told him to relax because my withdrawal was going to be very slow with lots of twists and turns. He relaxed and after a good long time, my arm finally saw the light of day.

The pounding took its toll, and when I finally stopped, his ass was one gaping rosebud. He was exhausted and I was exhausted. He rolled up to me, spooning with me, and pulled a blanket over us. We were quickly asleep, me firmly wrapped in his arms.

To Be Continued...


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