Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Gone Wrong

9/11/2010 - The day that America will never forget!

This year 9/11 fell on a Saturday; A Saturday that was going very well for me.
This is My Blog and I am allowed to express myself on how I feel.
I feed you entries on my sex life, funny shit, strange shit and a little education.
I share with you my adventures – my sex life as a whore. A whore who can’t get enough Cock Ass Cum Piss – MEN. I love sex with Men and am always on the hunt for a Man or Men to have sex with. Cock and Ass to service…whatever it takes….
Most of the Time…..
Please comment on this night. Let us know how you feel about what happened. Should cell phones be banned from ABSs?

Saturday started off pretty well. I got that one nice cock on the way to work which I will post in a separate post.
Work wasn’t too bad. The day went by slow, but that was OK.
After work, my buddy Nipple Bear and I decided to go to the ABS on Capital Blvd. As usual, we went to the Mexican Flea Market not far down the road from the ABS to change and to have a beer.
I had a feeling the night was going to be a good one. 

As we pulled into the parking lot of the bookstore, the lot was pretty full. It was about 8:30 Pm and that was good for a Saturday night.
Nipple Bear and I entered the store and paid our $10.00 each to get into the video area. The clerk with the long hair was working and he told us to be good and have a good time. I told him he knew better than to tell me to be good.
As we walked around for the first time to get our eyes adjusted, I noticed the place was pretty empty. My first thought was, where are all the guys from the cars in the parking lot?
We checked out all the dark areas and no one was in any of them.
Back behind the movie room where the straight movie was playing I found this nice Redneck needing his cock to be sucked. He let me suck his cock and lick on his sweaty tasting ball while Nipple bear worked on his tits.
After a while, he finally tensed up and then fed me nice big load of Redneck cum. It was a little bit bitter, but still good.

From there I moved over to the Lesbian movie room. There was one guy in there sitting near the back of the room. I could tell that he was jacking on his cock. So I walked back to where he was sitting and leaned against the wall not far from him. He was jacking a nice size uncut cock. The guy looked to be in his 50s and had an nice bushy mustache and shortest hair.
The guy nodded me to sit down next to him, so I did. He allowed me to reach over and take over stroking it for him. His cock had a lot of foreskin and it fun stroking his large uncut manhood.

I asked him if was OK for me to taste his cock and he nodded yes. As I leaned forward to get my tongue on it, he took and grabbed the back of my head and forced me down on his cock. I swallowed as much of I could at first and then fought back enough to move my head enough to get it my throat. The guy immediately started fucking my throat an within minutes he was feeding me his load of hot cum. It went straight down my throat and bypassed my taste buds. As he relaxed and his cock began to go limp, it slid out of my throat and I got to taste his salty cum. I started chewing on his now limp cock and made him squirm some. Then he pulled his meat out of mouth, pushed me away and stood up. I watched as he stuffed his floppy uncut meat back into his pants and walk away.

I left that area and went cruising on back to the back gay area. As I entered the darkness there were three black standing about half way in the area. The three of the were exchanging kisses. One of the was smaller build then the other two and he had his back more to the open area. I ran my hand over his sweaty ass and found that his ass crack was full of cum. 

Well of course I had to kneel down behind him and lick his sloppy ass crack. As my tongue began to make love to his puckered sloppy asshole, he pushed his ass back to me and started to moan. I heard him tell the other two guys that I was doing a good job of sucking their cum out of his ass.
I had my 8 inch uncut dildo in my pocket so I pulled it out and slid it into his wet asshole. 

He really like that a lot. Well his two buddies were not so kin on me fucking their little whore. They broke up the kissing and hugging and walked away. This left just the black guy with my dildo up his ass and myself.
The black stud wanted to move back into the corner so I pulled out of him. As we were moving, I got the dildo mounted in my jock strap so I could fuck him. He got himself positioned with his hands on the chair and his butt pushed out to me. I stepped up to his ass and slid my brown uncut dildo back into his ass. He started to moan and groan and I started riding his sweet black ass good.
I had been fucking him hard for several minutes when a few other guys came into the area. Immediately one of them flashed their cell phones light on us to see what we were doing. This made me mad and told the guy to kill the light. Then a flash went off. It seemed like a camera flash but could have just been a cell phone light. I pulled my cock out of the black guys ass and put it in my pants and left.
As I pasted the guy with the cell phone, I said to him, ‘asshole, you just ruined it for him.’
He replied back, ‘I have a right to see if I want too.’

As I said, I left the area. I felt pretty good about the fucking I had just given the black guy.
Next I headed on back up toward the front. I checked out the straight movie room through the glass that they have and there wasn’t anything going on in there. I’m not into watching guys fuck women, I’m into checking out their cocks and ass.
From there I checked out the Lesbian movie room again. This time there were several guys in the area. One had on stockings and a bra. I recognized from a few weeks before. One both sides of him were two middle aged guys checking him out. I stood about 8 feet away from and pulled out my latex cock as if it were my real one.
I started jacking on it. Slowly stroking it as if I was getting off on the three of them. What I wanted to get the two guys on either side of the cross dresser. By the way, I didn’t mention; the cross dresser has a really nice cock that he loves to have sucked. Plus he loves to get fucked behind.

Finally one of the rednecks pulled his cock out of his pants. The cross dresser got it in his mouth right away While he was sucking on the one, the other pulled his cock out and started stroking it. It looked much bigger then the other guys cock.
The cross dresser had his butt stoke out toward me so I walked up behind him and dropped down to my knees and started eating his ass. I wanted to get it wet, plus I never fuck anything I don’t eat first.

After a good munching I stood up slid my latex cock up his ass hole. The guy who was watching us, blew his load all over the cross dresser back. I took and wiped up some of his load and smeared it on the asshole I had entered. This usually is a big turn on to guys like these. I bent over to my side and the one fed me cock with cum dripping out of it. I was really surprised about this. He let me clean his cock up good before he pulled it out of my mouth and put it back in his pants.
Now was my chance to fuck the cross dresser while he was sucking on the redneck cock. The redneck was very interested in what I was doing. He kept reaching back and feeling the cross dressers ass getting fucked.
Then the redneck started panting and his body began to jerk. I slid the dildo out almost all of the way so he could see it. That did exactly what I thought it would. It finished him off. He blew his load into the cross dressers mouth.
After he finished feeding the cross dresser his load, he pulled his cock from his mouth and I pulled my latex cock out of his ass. We both stuffed our meat back in our pants and turned to walk away form the cross dresser. The redneck said to me “later will you fuck me?’
‘Damn right I will, you just need to drop you pants and let me have you sweet ass.’ I said as I turned the corner in the other direction then he was going. I figured I wouldn’t see him again. Just a head trip for him.

As I was walking down the hallway toward the back area when the gay movie rooms are, this nice looking black stud was walking toward me . When he got to me he stopped and said. ‘I want some more of you honey.’ That ruined it for me. The black stud I had fucked in the back was a nelly queen. I replied back, ‘I look forward to slamming your black ass some more.’ Then my mind clicked. Why not go out to the truck and get a larger dildo to fuck him with. Even though he was a queen, he was good looking and fun to fuck. He took everything I gave him before. I really wanted to fuck him some more.
I headed on out to my truck and exchanged the uncut dildo for my Chris Wide Dildo. If you remember it measures up a good ten inches and has a right nice thickness.

Back inside the bookstore, I went straight to the Men’s Room so I could get my new latex buddy tied in. Damn I looked good with it hanging down my leg in my pants. It looks like I am hung like horse and ready to fuck.
I checked out the movie rooms to see if my black buddy was in any of them. I had just turned the corner in the far back gay movie room when I saw him standing there watching the movie. I reached down and grabbed my big cock and nodded toward the back play area. He left where he was standing and headed on back that direction.
When I got back there, he already had his pants down and was ready to get fucked. He was in the back of the area and had already braced himself on the wall.
I knelt down behind him and buried my face in his sloppy ass crack again. Damn his black asshole tasted good and it was ready for some more fucking. I took my time and enjoyed the sloppy asshole I was eating, getting him all worked up to getting fucked some more.
After I had enough of the sloppy black asshole I had fucked earlier, I pulled my face out of his ass crack and stood up behind him. The latex cock I had strapped laid up against his asshole. He began moving his ass some to let me know he was ready for some ore of my fucking.
Slowly I began to push the larger latex cock into his sloppy asshole. He let out a gasp as the cock head popped inside him.
‘Oh Girl, it’s much bigger then it was’ he said to me as I continued to push the hard cock into his asshole inch by inch.
‘Yeah’ I said, ‘It is really horned up for some more of your hot ass.’
As the last inch of the latex cock slid up inside of him, I pushed real hard and buried it as deep as it would go. The black guy impaled on my latex cock began moan and groaning as he started to work his ass on my cock.
Several guys had entered the area and were very interested in what was going on between the two of us. They gathered around us and pulled out their cock and started jacking on them as they watched me fuck the black stud.
I picked up my pace and really was fucking the shit out of him when all of the sudden the area lite up from the light of a cell phone. It was the asshole from earlier.
I pushed my big latex cock deep inside the black guy’s ass I was fucking and stopped fucking. As the light faded away I began to wildly fuck his sweet sloppy ass again.
All of sudden I felt a hand reaching at my cock pushing its way in between me and the guy’s ass I was fucking. I pushed the hand away and looked to see who it was attached to. It was attached to the guy with cell phone who kept turning it on to see what we were doing.

‘Leave us alone Muther Fuk’r’ I said to him in a deep angry voice. At that point he backed off fro a few minutes. Then he was right back at us trying to get a feel of my cock. He flashed his cell phone again as he tried to wedge his hand in between his. This time I swung at him and knocked the cell phone from his hand. I heard one of the guys watching and jacking his cock kick further away. The asshole went chasing his cell phone.
I was really mad now and was pounding the hell out of the black stud’s asshole. I had him pinned up against the wall and I slammed that long latex cock deep inside of him and then slid it out so I could slam it back in. We were fucking like animals and his ass was begging for every bit of what I could slam to him.
I pushed his body down forward and bent him over where he was facing the floor.
‘Take you fucking whore’ I said to him as I continued to bury that latex as deep iand as hard in him as I could.
‘Fuck Me! Fuck Me!’ he cried out with tears in his eyes and pure ecstasy in his voice.
All of sudden there was that damn cell phone light again. It was the same asshole as before.
I slammed my latex cock deep inside the asshole I was fucking and started the motions as if I was climaxing. My body jerked and I scream out, ‘God Damn this is one fuck good piece of ass. Take my load you fuck’n whore.’
‘Give it to me! Bred my Nigga ass!‘ he yelled back to me as I started grinding that long fat cock deeper into him as if I was pumping him full of Hot Cum.
Slowly I pulled that long thick latex cock out of his well abused asshole.
‘Fuck me more’ he begged me as I popped my latex cock out of his sweet asshole.
‘Later’ I said as I squatted down behind him and buried my face back in his gapping asshole. I got a got taste of the ass juices I fucked out of him and then stood back up.
‘Damn that’s one Hell of an Asshole’ I said as I stuffed my dildo back in my pants.
As I turned to leave the area, there in my face was that same asshole with the cell phone.
‘you fucked him with a dildo. You ain’t even got the balls to fuck him with a real cock’ he screamed at me.
The got I had just fucked turned and looked at him and said, ‘shut up Nigga, I don’t care what he fucked me with. I ain’t never been fucked like that before. Get the hell away from us.’
Both of us pushed past the asshole and left the area.
Back in the movie area I asked the black stud, ‘You want more, just give me few minutes to catch my breath and I’ll give you even more then you just got.’
‘Mutha Fuk yeah’ he said as he headed off in one direction and headed off back the Men’s Room to get cleaned up some.
Man! What a piece of Ass!
I fucked him like I enjoy getting my ass pounded with my latex cock and more.
There is more to this story. It will be completed at a later date.

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