Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Local Fuck Buddy

Looking for Local Fuck Buddy. 
A sex hungry nasty Pig like Myself
To Fuck my Asshole

A Horny Ass Pig
To Stuff my Ass full of Dildos

Then Fist Me
Stuffing My Ass Full with his Fist and Arm
Fucking the Hell out of my Ass with his Body

Not Much To Ask, Is It?



  1. Superbe programme : je prend toutes tes propositions :p)

  2. I want a sleazy stud, preferably uncut, hung like a horse, and into all the same kinky shit I am... Good luck finding one in rural America.

  3. Some hot pictures! Like the great fisting pix!
    And the uncut cocks..Great Blog!! Thanks!


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