Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Nick rolled me over on my stomach and spread the mounds of my ass.  Again his tongue probed and explored me. I sighed, feeling my ass rise instinctively as he continued to work on me.  My own cock responded and began to stiffen. I raised myself up onto my knees and elbows.  Nick was everywhere; gently cupping my balls and stroking my cock as
he ate my ass.  I felt the coldness of the lube as he spread it on me, then he warmed it with his breath and hands before inserting a finger into my asshole.  I felt him pull away and then he was there once more, but this time it was the head of his cock applying the pressure.  I groaned as he slowly worked his way in, biting my lip against the painful but pleasurable intrusion.  We sat there for a moment as I adjusted to the sensation and then I could feel his cock sliding slowly, ever deeper, until his balls rested on the cheeks of my ass.  He began to thrust inside me, picking up the tempo until he was fucking me hard and fast. I was amazed at how easily we fit into these previously unknown and primitive roles; he was a natural top and I was a natural bottom. His cock swelled inside me as he pounded away. My cock felt as if it would explode.  My voice was ragged with lust.  "Oh, fuck me.  FUCK MEEE!" Nick responded by slamming me with everything he had. I could feel his cock grow even larger, the veins standing
out painfully and then the warmth of his cum as he splashed my insides with his pearly wetness.  My own cock spasmed as I shot farther than I ever had before, hitting my stomach, chest and chin. As he withdrew, Nick pulled me close to him and we held each other on the rug, our cocks touching.  We kissed hard, our tongues fighting each other as we basked in each other's presence.  Exhausted, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

this was taken from another blog I read.

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