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Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Riding the Devil – Part 1C - Final

Riding the Devil – Part 1C: Welcum to LA (Final)

When I awoke, the room had changed. It was flooded by sunlight from a partially opened curtain. It was morning? I could not tell. I got out of bed, slightly unsteady on my feet and found my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and take a piss. I walked down to the kitchen and found Nick preparing scrambled eggs, orange juice, and toast. He said, it was time for some sustenance before our next “round.” The food was wonderful and was just the perfect combination flavors. I asked what day it was, and he said we had been at it for over two days. It was now Thursday, and my flight was leaving on Sunday. 

We were relaxing, drinking great coffee, and talking about all sorts of inconsequential things. Then slowly he got this far off look in his eyes, and told me that he needed something very special. Actually, I remember him telling me he craved something that most men would not give him. I told him that I would do anything that he needed done, no hold barred, anything. 

That’s when he took me back to the play room and sat me on the bed. Then he told me he wanted to ride the Devil. I looked at him and said, “Let’s do it!” He reached under the bed and pulled out a large double-headed dildo. It was a monster, well over four feet in length and somewhere over 4.5 inches in diameter. More impressive was a large knot in the center, which was at least 7 inches in diameter.

He then reached into a draw and produced a small plate with two straws. He told me that it was K and put the plate down. 

He wanted to do the K and then ride the Devil. Me on one side him on the other. His goal was to take his end deep in his ass and then move across the knot taking that as well, if I would “yield” it after a fight. I looked very skeptically at the monster, but he said he had done it just once before, and it was amazing. I looked at him and said, I’m in! 

He produced another set of points already loaded. He tied me off and inserted the point in my arm. He looked at me, and I at him. I said, “I know I can trust you and you would never do anything to harm me … RIGHT?” He kissed me and pushed down on the plunger, and I coughed and lay down on the bed beside the devil. He did himself and took me in his arms, kissing me deeply, and then said “I would never do anything to harm you or spoil what I have found.” 

The warm rush moved across my body, he asked if I needed more, and I said yes, based on the size of the dildo, I would need a LOT more. He produced two additional points and did me then himself. A tidal wave washed over me, and I was ready. Nick kept calling me his “FUCKIN’ BROTHER PIG!” at the top of his lungs, as his body reacted to the hit. 

He had arranged the well-lubed dildo between us and I bent my knees on either side of it. From this perspective, it was huge and I never thought I could even take the head. He reached over and carefully picked up the plate with the K, and told me to carefully sit up. He did the same. He took the straw and handed it to me. There where two lines on the plate. I inhaled half the line then changed nostrils. The feeling was like a hole was torn in my ass and I needed something to fill it, deeply filling it to the extreme. I saw Nick take his K, and saw the evil gleam in his eyes. He told me to lie back, and when I did, he hooked his ankles behind my knees and slowly started pulling me on the dildo. 

My ass was well opened from the previous play. The head stopped at my ass, and but my rosebud would not open. I struggled to take the monster, but to no avail. Nick saw my need and passed me the poppers. Taking a hit and holding it, did the trick, and I relaxed. My hole opened and Nick feed the Devil into me, first its huge head, then the slow decent into my open and willing hole. It hurt for a moment, and Nick laughed. He called out from his “fog” that I should relax and let him do the work. 

Before I knew it, I was down on the knot, and asshole to asshole with Nick. He was laughing and crying, lost in his own world of emotions and pleasure. I was feeling the pressure, as Nick took a hit of poppers and started to mount the knot, pulling the dildo out of my ass. That’s when I got mad, actually angry. I wanted the prize and he was not going to take it from me. I threw my legs over his and started to buck and pulling him towards me, taking possession of the center, the knot was again between us. 

Then suddenly he said, “You want it, you got it!” and started to push the dildo out of his ass and deep into me. He was working the knot into my ass and not letting me back off of it as he pulled me forward. He tossed me the poppers and told me I better take a good large hit, because the Devil was going to roost in my ass, no questions about it. I poured some on a towel, closed my eyes and put the towel over my mouth and nose. Breathing deeply, I relaxed as the knot made it thought my asshole. It was huge and I thought I was going to get ripped. 

But it did not stop there. Nick kept pushing, and then he was next to me. He told me to open my eyes and look up. On the ceiling was a mirror. I could clearly see that between my legs was just the head of the dildo protruding from my enflamed asshole. I gasped, and could not believe it. He told me I took the entire length, and he wanted it back. Just to make sure, he reached over and pushed the second head deep into me, and laughed. 

Getting between my legs, asshole to asshole, he told me to push. The monster emerged and started to enter his ass. At the knot, I stopped, not knowing how to expel the Devil. Nick passed the poppers, and said to relax. I did, and it easily emerged, entering his willing gaping hole. When the head was the last thing in me, I did not want to release it. He laughed and said that we could just pass it between us. And that we did for many many hours, so it seemed. 

We played and partied for over 4 days. When it was over, we cleaned up, I went back to my hotel to pick up my things, and went out to get something to eat. Then I dropped him e back at the bar, he followed me to the rental car return, and then drove me to the terminal. We talked at the airport for about an hour while I waited for my fight. He told me I was the best fucking pig he had ever encountered. 

As I sat on the plane returning to NYC, I remember quite a bit of play and this very warm feeling in my ass. When I got home and opened my checked baggage, there was a new and very large double-headed dildo covered in a towel. It was the big brother of the one we played with. The attached note said that the two of us had shared this. It should be a memento of my visit and that he wanted me to return soon. And that I will!


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