Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Not a bad day for some Man-Meat at lunch.

On my lunch break I headed on over to the ABS on Glenwood.
My ad-Dick-son to servicing cock drove me there hunting.

I was surprised to find the parking lot had about a dozen vehicles in it - Some cars, some pick-up trucks.
Inside I paid my dollar and headed off to the back video booth area.

Unlike the day before, there were several guys in the video area. Plus booth number two was occupied.
My first thought was ‘what is wrong with the guy in the booth that no one is in the next booth?’

I decided to check it out for myself.
I entered booth number one and locked the door. Without wasting any time I dropped to my knees in front of the Glory Hole and peered through it.
I got to watch the guy in the next booth put on a leather cock strap. I have always found it Hot to watch a Man strap up his Cock and Balls to make them bigger and harder.

The guy next to me had his pants down around his ankles and had taken off his shirt. He had a nice belly with dark hair on it and a thick treasure trail leading down to his crotch. His legs were fairly hairy too. I couldn’t see much higher then his belly. He was already standing pretty close to the Glory Hole.

I wanted that strapped up cock so I laid my finger into the glory Hole and hoped he would be interested.
With one step toward the Glory Hole, he pushed his manhood through the Glory Hole into my space for me to enjoy.
It was quit impressive. Here is a picture of that strapped cock just after it come through the Glory Hole. I think you would have been as happy as was with it.

Of course I wasted no time in getting that cock in my mouth and starting to service it. I swallowed it and began to eat on it. Chewing some, working my tongue on it some and sucking on it to make it even harder then it was.
Throughout the course of servicing that wonderful piece of strapped meat, I took several pictures. I will post them at the end of this post.
There wasn’t enough room to get his balls through the Glory Hole too. So I focused on just servicing that magnificent piece of meat.

After several minutes of intense mouth, tongue and throat work, I felt the wall between start to vibrate some. I could tell the stud attached to the cock in my mouth was close to cumming. I eased off his cock and wouldn’t let him cum. Once he had claimed down, I went back to servicing his hard cock.
Again I got him right to the edge of cumming and I stopped. This time a couple of squirts of his salty cum shot into my mouth.
His cock was rock hard throbbing. It was ready to explode. For the third time I went back to milking his cock with my throat and mouth. He really got off on me chewing as if I was eating his meat when I had it all in my mouth.
The wall between the two video booths would begin to shake.
His cock started to throb again and this time I thought the wall was going to fall down as he built up to shooting his load. I kept sucking on his hard cock this time to make him shoot. Just as he began to fill my mouth with his salty cum I heard him start to whimper and it sounded as if he was crying. I could tell he was trying to be quiet, but it was driving him crazy.
His hard cock pump squirt after squirt of salty tasting cum into my mouth.
Damn it was good.
Plus I knew I was the one that had controlled his ecstasy for that entire ride.
The last picture is from the second time he was just about to cum.
After he pulled his spent cock back through the glory hole, I watched as he unstrapped his cock and pulled up his pants. I could see just a little of him putting on his shirt.
I left my video booth and got outside in the lobby area so I could see what he looked like when he left his video booth.
I was shocked. He was damn good looking, but he was dressed like a geek.
He had on kaki pants which he had pulled up high and his shirt was buttoned all the way to the top.
You just never know what to expect under a man’s cloths.
As he pasted me he said in a low tone. ‘That was one hell of a wild blow job’.
Then he left.
I agree, I gave him one hell of a blowjob.
Enjoy the pictures and I hope my adventure made your cock get as hard as his was.

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