Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5-13-2011 Friday the 13th – Lunch Snack

Today is Friday the 13th. What is supposed to be an unlucky day.
At lunchtime I thought it was going to be an unlucky day. WoW was I wrong!
I got to the bookstore on Glenwood just after one o’clock. There were a few vehicles in the parking lot. Not as many as I would have expect for a Friday.
Inside I paid my $1.00 cover fee to get into the back video booth area. Once back there I was pretty disappointed. The waiter from the place down the road was there and two other guys who were checking something out on the one’s phone. There was one of the Hispanic regulars there too. He was leaning on the candy machine half asleep.
There wasn’t anyone in any of the video booths and no one in the Men’s Room.
I took up a position near booth number one just incase I would get lucky and a guy would come in and need his cock serviced.
After about 30 minutes I heard the buzzer on the entry door buzz and heard someone walking down the entry hallway. My hopes were stirred when I saw a good looking older black man walk into the area. He checked everything out and then headed for the Men’s Room.
I waited a minute and then followed him into the Men’s Room. Unfortunately for me he was exiting as I entered.
I quickly turned and followed him back out in the video booth lobby area.
He headed right for booth number four and I followed and entered booth number five.
As I was kneeling down in front of the glory hole to check him out, I heard him feeding a dollar into the video machine. My first thought was that I was in luck. Hopefully he was going to be in need of a mouth for his black cock.
After the movie started he leaned up against the wall and started searching for the right movie to watch. I laid my finger in the Glory Hole to let him know I was there with a hungry mouth for his needs. Once he found the right movie, he started to unzip his pants. I watched as he pulled his limp black cock from his pants.
It didn’t look very big at first until he stepped up to the Glory Hole and pulled all of it from his pants. The he fed just the cock head through the Glory Hole.
I kissed the head of his black cock and he pushed all of the limp cock into my booth for my pleasure.
Here is a picture of the black cock just after it was pushed through the Glory Hole.

It does not look like much here, but hopefully you will be delighted in how it grew as I was.
I got my mouth on that limp black cock and started working my tongue on it, I wanted to make it feel like a million dollars.
Slowly the limp black cock in my mouth started to grew. I kept working on it and it kept growing. I wanted this cock up my ass since it had grown to such a nice size. That couldn’t happen because when I took my mouth off of it, it would start to go limp again. Plus, he never made nay fucking motions through the glory hole.
Here are a few more pictures to show you how nice it got as it got harder in my mouth.

I continued to suck on it and work the underside of the thick black shaft with my tongue. Then I felt his body slam against the wall. ‘Holly Shit’ he screamed out and the wall began to shake.
Then it happened. The thick black cock fed me my reward for all of my mouth action - A bog load of thick salty cum. I gulped it down as it continued to fill my mouth and throat,
Finally his balls were empty and his black cock began to go limp again in my mouth. He slowly pulled it out of my mouth and back through the glory hole into his booth.
I watched as he took a handkerchief out of his back pocket and wipe off his cock head.
A little more cum had oozed out.
Then he pushed his limp black cock back into his pants and zipped his zipper up.
I got off my knees and unlocked my door. Both of us exited the video booths at the same time. I wanted to see him again. He was good looking and his body was well kept for his age. It looked to be solid.
I nodded to him and then said thanks for letting me suck his cock. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out piece of paper and handed it to me.
‘Give me your number, I want to call you sometime”.

We just need to see if he ever does call. I would love to get that cock in bed instead of having a wall between us. Maybe he knows some other older black men in need of some hot mouth therapy for their cocks. I would gladly spend a few hours giving some mouth massages.

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