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Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Riding the Devil – Part 1B - continued

Riding the Devil – Part 1B: Welcum to LA (Continued)


I was awakened by a cool breeze over my body. I thought I had pushed aside the blanket, but I was wrong. I was spread-eagled on the bed, my ankles and wrists in cuffs, each arm tied to a corner of the bed. Between my legs was a pole about four feet in length holding them wide apart. The pole was tied to the footboard at the bottom of the bed. Nick had been spraying me with a spray bottle we used when the J-Jelly was getting to dry. He was wearing full leather hood, covered with metal studs. On his hands was a pair of huge leather gauntlets also studded with steel buttons. He told me that I had wrecked his hole and he was going to do the same to mine. The sneer on his lips showed that he was not playing games, and I shivered not from the cold spray, but from the apprehension. 

I asked what he had in mind, and he yelled at me to “shut the fuck up!” He pulled a crop from the floor and started to beat me with it. My stomach, then chest, then groin were struck repeatedly. The blow came quicker and sharper, and I was starting to get scared, really scared. I started to plead with him to release me. Instead, he roughly started pulling a tight rubber hood over my head. It was very tight and would not go on. He found a j-jelly bottle on the floor, took a healthy squeeze, and rubbed it on my head and face. The hood easily slipped on. It only had a mouth opening. I continued to plead, when he forced a ball gage into my mouth. I spit it out and he forcefully pushed it back in and tied it behind my head. It had a narrow tube running through it, and I could pull air through it if I focused on it. 

I started to panic when he held my nose and forced me to breathe through the tube. He told me to lie still or what he had planned next would really hurt. I felt tightness on my bicep followed by coolness on my arm. A slight pin prick caught me my surprise, and my world started to spin. Nick whispered into my ear that it was going to be just fine, and I should relax and enjoy the ride. Then he clamped my nose forcing me to suck air through the ball gage. I was breathing pure poppers. I was riding on a cloud. 

Nick began to beat then work my nipples hard, suddenly tightly clamping each of them. I could feel a chain connecting the clamps resting on my chest. He lifted my head up and placed it on a pillow. The chain was run around my neck and the slack removed. Every time I pushed my head back into the pillow, the chain pulled my nipples taught. It felt wonderful…. Then my legs were slowly lifted off the bed and into the air. I was laying at a 45 degree angle with my head on the pillow and my shoulders on the bed. Then I felt a warm sensation between legs or was it something cool, I could not tell, as a cream was massaged onto my ass lips. Warm, cool, cold, warmer, and hotter? I started to buck as the heat increased; my ass was on fire, and I needed to escape. With each bucking motion, I yanked on the nipple clamps and sucked in poppers. Finally, after an eternity, my ass was then flooded with a warm liquid which seemed to be slippery, maybe J-Lube? And the heat subsided. 

Then a hard plastic rod was laid against my flaccid cock. My cock was roughly handled as a wide band of material was wrapped tightly around both. The plastic rod came to life, startling me … with a pulse of its own. Vibrating in a random pattern, and I started to get hard. Someone grabbed my bound cock and covered the head with something slippery. My cock was pulled to its limit. There was a quick urgent push and then a short hot pain. Something was pushed down my urethra and deep into my bladder. My cock turned flaccid as a fluid entered my bladder. The fluid was warm and I responded with a raging hardon as the vibrations resumed. Then the pillow was yanked from under my neck and my head dropped against the bed, nearly pulling the tight clamps off my nipples. The pain moved from my cock to my nipples and then back again. The crop was beating my cock, chest, nipples, head … I was completely at Nick’s mercy, and he was showing none. 

I laid there immobile, for what seemed like hours, the pain and pleasure came in wave with no order or pattern. I felt that I was not in control of my own body, as some liquid was loaded then drained from my bladder. Then a set of headphones was places over my ears, and the volume first low was steadily increased until the bass boomed in my head. Were the vibrations on my cock mirroring the bass or tenor line of the music; I was lost in a world I did not know how to control. 

Then the pressure was felt on my ass, a heavy weight was resting on my rosebud. The pressure was unrelenting and insistent. As I tried to push it off, and out, straining to more the immoveable object. Bearing the pressure not more, I suddenly relaxed, and it drove itself into me. I struggled, when a clamp was placed on my nose, sealing it completely. 

The object assaulting my ass was huge, or so it felt. The heat, then cold, then warmth on my rosebud kept me focused on nothing else. A sharp slap on my ass, and I inhaled deeply, then I lost focus. The thing finally made purchase in my ass, as my rosebud opened to accept it. The pressure ceased for just a moment, and then it backed out no more than an inch. Massive quantities of fluid were pumped into my ass, a warm slippery fluid that was very cold and uncomfortable. I shivered from the cold and fear, then the pressure began to slowly increase, unyielding pressure, unsympathetic pressure driving this thing deeper into my gut. 

After a long time and for a brief moment the pressure ceased and the object was withdrawn. The hood on my head was slightly lifted and I could see light for a brief moment. Hands removed the nose clamp and I took a deep breath. I relaxed, and then so did my rosebud. Without hesitation, the thing was driven deep into me, deep than it was before. It had made its way past my second sphincter and was pushing against the third. I sucked on the tube, held it till I had to breathe slowly exhaling. My head was spinning, my gut relaxed and the thing pushed beyond the sphincter. My asshole was over extended, straining / swelling / expanding to accommodate the thing pushing down into me, but for what goal? 

The music changed to something techno with an accentuated bass line. A driving beat, that was as unrelenting as was the thing deep in my colon. I took a deep breath of poppers, and held it. Things started to get fuzzy, and I started to loose consciousness, relaxing fully. To my horror, the thing started twist and then spin as it found purchase and descend deeper into me. As I lost consciousness, I heard some laughing and then a deep belly laugh. With each crackle of laughter, the thing was slowly exiting my sore and overworked ass. 

When I opened my eyes, the music had stopped, and my head was uncovered. The j-lube wiped from my face. I blinked into the strong light, and looked down at my cock. It was catherized and bound to a vibrating dildo, which twitched and pulsed as if it had a life of its own. The catheter was plugged into a partially filled bag containing piss, lying next to me. My nipples were pulled taught by a line from the ball gage in my mouth. Inserted in the ball gage was a tube, and the tube feed into a plastic bottle containing what appeared to be poppers. Standing between my raised legs was a hoodless Nick, the studded leather gauntlet was pressed deep in my ass, nearly to his forearm. He smiled, and I took a long drag on the poppers, held it till I could no longer, and closed my eyes. I shuck my head, in a “yes” jester, and he pushed slowly down and in to me. Unrelenting, always forward, looking at me, and telling me to breath. And as I did, I sucked up poppers and relaxed, and he was deep into me…. All I could see was his elbow emerging from my ass, my wrecked asshole. In one quick and sudden movement, he pulled out of me completely. I was empty and I started to sob. He laughed and pushed back into me, assuming his former position. Then he said “More?” and I nodded. 

When he reached the third sphincter, , and I shot a load like I had never done before… globs and globs of white cream shot skyward, covering Nick and my chest. 

I was carefully lowered to the bed, and unbound. The Cath was left in my cock for a while as I rested and tried to catch my breath. Nick lay next to me and said, “See … I said I would be even!” And that he did. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, me sleeping the sleep of the dead, never once moving. 

To Be Continued...



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