Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Door Knobs

Door Knobs and other germ covered things

I saw a really strange thing the other day I want to share with you.

While at the BookStore on Glenwood the other day at lunchtime, I watched this older cock sucker go into a booth next to something that might have worked out for him.
As he went to shut the door, he pulled up his shirt tail and grabbed the door knob with it.
He was afraid of he gems on germs on the door knob, yet he was going to put his face up to a nasty dirty cum and spit covered glory hole and suck on a cock which most likely hadn’t been sanitized.

Did I miss something here? Which do you think is going to have the most germs on it?
The door knob or the glory hole?

Some people are just too much a germophode.

I would think he would be more worried about the diseases he would get from sucking an unknown cock or having it shot its load of cum in his mouth.
God forbid he would take a cock up the ass.

I wonder if the guys who use a paper towel to open a Men’s Room door and then drop it on the floor think anything about the house keeping not wanting to touch anything with their germs.

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