Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Monday, May 2, 2011

4-20-2011 Wednesday continued…

This posting is a continuation of my adventures on 4-20. If you read the posting, you would remember I got to suck on a real nice uncut cock. Here is the picture to remind you of how nice it was.

After watching the young stud walk away from me, I decided to go check out the other side. I was hopeful that the good looking stud that had been just outside my door would be over there and wanting some action.

As I walked down the narrow hallway, I was surprised the hallway was empty. No one!
At the end of the hallway I decided to check out the movie in the last video booth. There usually is a good movie in it with huge dicked black studs fucking each other.
As I pushed on the door, it would not move. Someone was in the video booth. I turned and walked back the next video booth and entered it. Bending forward I peered through the glory hole to see what was going on in the next booth. There was the good looking middle aged stud from the other side that had been outside the video booth I was in. He squatted down in front of the glory hole and offered his open mouth to me.
I always enjoy a good blow job so I decide to let the guy have some of my cock.
I slowly unzipped my zipper to get his blood flowing. As I pulled my cock out of my underwear, I turned slightly so I could hide from him me removing my PA.
Then I turned enough to push my semi-hard cock through the glory hole to the waiting mouth. He took my cock and his mouth and started to suck on it. Damn he was good cock sucker. Several times he had me real close to filling his mouth with my load of cum.
After a few minutes of him sucking me, he stopped and stood up. Then he pushed his cock through the glory hole for me to enjoy. It was a nice size cock and rock hard. He was wearing a nice metal cock ring too.
I got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I wanted to give him the same level of pleasure that he had given my cock.
He let me suck on his cock for a couple of minutes before he pulled his cock out of my mouth. He then turned around and pushed his ass up to the oversized glory hole.
Right away I noticed he had something in his ass. I took and pushed my finger into his asshole and discovered that he had a metal orb in his ass. It was held in place by a metal piece which was connected to his cock ring.
Fuck, it was Hot as Hell. I had to have my tongue it that asshole and taste it.
It was strange eating his ass with that metal piece coming out of it.
I tongued his asshole and finger fucked it back and forth.
He was really enjoying me eating his ass.
Then I heard him save, ‘Fuck Me’
I was more then willing to fuck his stainless steel filled ass.
Quickly I stood up and slid my hard cock into his asshole. WoW! It felt so good. His ass was hot to get fucked with the metal in it.
My cock slid against the stainless steel orb as I began to fuck him.
I fucked him some and then pulled my cock out and finger fucked him some. Then back to fucking some more.
It take very long before my balls began to draw up and my body shake. I pushed my cock all the way inside his asshole and began to pump my load of cum inside of him. God, his ass felt so good with that stainless steel in it.
When I finally stopped cumming, I pulled my cock out of his ass. Slowly a drop of my cum oozed out of his asshole and ran down over his balls. While I was watching my cum, he started winking his asshole at me. I couldn’t hole back. I had to taste his fucked asshole. I wanted to stick my tongue in his asshole and lick my cum off the stainless steel orb.
I got my tongue in his asshole and began to lick and suck my load of cum out of him. To me, my cum already taste so good. Now that it was mixed with his ass juices, it was incredibly good.
After I had enough of eating his ass and sucking my cum out from inside of him, I stopped and slapped his ass. Letting him know I was done.
He started winking is asshole at me again.
Here is a picture of his asshole after I fucked him and cleaned him out.
You can see the metal piece coming out of his asshole.
Plus, Here are some pictures of what he had in his ass.
I have to have one for myself now. How great is that to have a stainless steel orb in my ass as a butt plug and how great it must have felt to have a cock fuck the asshole with the orb inside of it.


I stuffed my drained cock back in my underwear and got my pants back together. I left the video booth and headed back down the hallway.
At the end of the hallway I stood at the corner and waited for him. I wanted to see how he looked after our time.
I heard him exit the video booth he was in and saw him walking toward me.
He had a big shit eating grin on his face as he passed me. I watched as he walked away and watched him shake his ass with pleasure.

I have to have one of the orbs.
Watch for my posting of when I get one. It should be exciting.

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