Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 21, 2016

1ax = HispanicTrick

Hispanic Trick

I was on the way home from doing some errands in the capital city and decided to stop by one of the Adult Video Arcades on the way.

There were only a few vehicles in the parking but since I had some time to spend hunting for men in need of relief, I stopped.

Inside I paid the cover fee to enter the area with the video booths.

In the video booth area, there were a couple of bottoms hanging around waiting for some cock to feed on.

There was also this one Hispanic who was standing near the entrance to the Men’s Room.

I liked what I saw and I could tell he wasn’t there for the same reason as the other guys.

As I walked by him to check him out and to cruise him, he nodded to me.

This was a good start. He must have liked what he saw too.

That’s when he turned and walked into the back area where there are some private video booths.

He walked inside one of the private video booths and left the door open.

This was a good sign to me that he wanted my company.

I followed him in and shut the door.

He reached over and locked the door.

I placed my hand on his chest and moved my hand over his nipples. 

He was wearing a t-shirt which was quit dirty.

His body tensed and he moaned letting me know he wanted some nipple action.

I sensed I needed to be gentle with his nipples.

He pulled up his t-shirt and then pulled it over his head and tossed onto the seat in the corner.

Gently I squeezed his left nipple while I lightly rubbed the right one.

He moaned some more and I continued.

That is when he reached down to undo his belt.

With my right hand I pushed his hands away from his belt.

I know this confused him but he understood when I undid his belt for him.

Then I undid his pants button and unzipped his white painter’s pants.

It’s my job to unwrap the fresh meat I am about to enjoy.

With one hand still lightly squeezing his nipples, I grabbed his bulging crotch with the other.

Again he let out a moan of pleasure.

I like it when a man allows himself to show emotions of pleasure like moans and groans.

He reached to pull down his underwear and I shook my head no.

This is when I knelt down in front of him and pressed my face into his crotch.

I took a deep breath and let out a satisfying moan myself.

Slowly I pulled his underwear down to reveal a musky smelling uncut Latin love missile.

It was already hard from where I had been giving his nipples attention.

That is when he finally said something.

He told me he wanted me to suck him.

I asked him if I could take this picture first.

As you can see, he agreed.

After putting my camera away, I took the brown musky smelling hooded cock in my mouth and let my tongue clean under his foreskin.

His musky body odor and the taste of his cock was better then poppers. My head was in outer space.

He leaned back against the wall and let me have his manhood.

Slowly at first I sucked on his hard cock and licked downward to his balls.

With his cock back in my mouth, I started sucking him more vigorously.

His hip motion let me know he was ready to feed me his load and I was ready for it.

A few more times swallowing all of his cock, he reached and grabbed my head.

His body had tensed up and I could feel his cock get fatter in my mouth.

Holding my head tight and steady, he exploded into my mouth.

He shot what seemed like a gallon of cum down my throat.

It tasted so fucking good.

Finally he let loose of my head and I slowly let his cock slide out over my tongue.

Damn, what a hot session.

I helped him up with his underwear and then his pants.

I stood up and after putting his shirt back on, he unlocked the door to the video booth and walked out.

I watched as he walked away from me.

Then he stopped and said something to another Hispanic that I hadn’t seen when I arrived.

They both looked at me and smiled.

The one that had just fed me his load of Latin Essence walked away and exited the area.

I connect visually with the one he had spoken to.

That’s another story…

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