Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Friday – GloryHole Work – section 1

The day is a Friday in the early part of 2016.

I am really proud of myself because I had a good day working the glory hOles at the local Adult Video Store.

As I have noted in many of postings about my adventures having sex with other men, this place charges $8.00 admission to the area of the store with the video booths showing gay and straight movies.

Some of the video booths have glory hOles between them and there is an open area for group sex.

I refer to the area as the ‘dark area’ because there are no lights in that area.

The area with the video booths is broken into two areas. I refer to them as the old area and the new area. The new area has only been open about a year or more and is much cleaner than the old area which has been around more the 10 years.

You can determine which area I was in by the color of the walls in the pictures I post. The brown walls are the older area and the blue walls are the newer area.

Here is one of the glory hOles in the newer area with the blue walls. Each video booth has a stool in it as you can see through the oval cut hole in the wall.

Each area has 8 video booths in them.

The old area has two rows of four video booths with glory hOles between one set of two in each grouping. The old area is showing many years of wear and tear from the customers. Doors are missing or have big holes in them.

The newer area has two sets of two video booths and then a row of four booths in the very back hallway.

One set of the two grouping has a glory hOle and usually has gay movies playing in them. The other set of two booths are private video booths and usually have straight movies showing in them.

The row of four video booths in the back hallway has a glory hOle between the first two booths which usually has straight movies showing in them and then there is a glory hOle between the last two video booths which usually have gay movies in them.

Behind these four video booths is the dark area which is about ten feet by sixteen feet. As noted before, there is total darkness in this area. Around the area are stools to sit on as needed.

In the back corner are milk crates for those who take up home just to suck cock.

This is where some good orgies take place.

Now that I have explained the place, let me get to the details of the day.

I arrived about 11 am just after the store opened. There were not very many vehicles in the parking lot.

Once inside when I paid the $8.00 admission fee for the video booth area, the clerk told me that there was another guy already in the video booth area that also had some type of artificial leg. He referred to us as to having peg legs. Funny thing, it didn’t bother me him referring to me as a peg leg.

I was ready for the day,

I had plenty of condoms and lube in my pocket and I had one of my fat dildos with me. It was stuck down in my waist band of my jeans like I was carrying a gun.

I had a planned meeting with a guy from one of the few cruise sites I use. He wanted to have his ass fucked by the dildo of my choice. I am always willing to offer up some hot fucking with a dildo. Sometimes I am lucky and meet up with a Top who uses my dildo on my ass.

Here is a picture of the dildo I had with me.

I'll post a picture of this guy’s ass later.

I started my cruising off as I normally do. I checked out the two hallways in the older section before moving on to the new section and the dark area.

In the new section is where the action and my adventures started.

Check for future postings of these adventures from this day.

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