Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Support your local Glory hOle!


Gloryholes: Holes in a wall, door or partition, through which a man slides his Cock for anonymous blowjobs and/or ass-fucking.

Most commonly found in the video booths of adult bookstores (ABS), public Men’s restrooms and some bath houses; though personal at-home gloryholes are increasingly common.

Galileo, Newton, Edison, Einstein. They have nothing on that great and unknown man who invented the very first Gloryhole.

What a simple concept. What a brilliant concept: Put a hole in a wall so men can have completely, 100% anonymous sex.

Gloryholes refine man-sex to its purest elements: Cock, Hole, Cum. No time wasted on chit-chat, no mutual evaluation, no names, no faces, and no words at all, just the brass tacks of pure lust.

When a hard Cock slides through a Gloryhole the proper Faggot, the True Slut, doesn’t need to know what the guy on the other side looks like. The Cock is all he needs to know. The Cock is all he needs.

He kneels down, worshipfully before the Cock. He sucks it, he serves it, he lives for it. Perhaps he sucks it off entirely, delighting as the stranger fills his mouth with delicious Cum. Or perhaps, after sucking for a while, he backs his asshole up onto the Cock so his pig-hole can be 
flooded with anonymous Seed.

In either case, Gloryholes help a Faggot realize his purpose in life as few things can. In a way, the Faggot is nothing but an extension of the Gloryhole. He is the Gloryhole.

Support your local Glory hOle!

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