Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Friday, May 13, 2016


A good cock sucking faggot pig…
Cock sucking faggots like myself who have devoted themselves to making other men feel whole have two primary functions:
1. To be fuck-objects. Their mouths, throats, and pig-holes serving as pleasure-holes for other Men’s Cocks.
2. To be Cumdumpsters. Their bodies used as holes for Men to emptying their balls and depositing the Male Essence.
***We must not forget that there are many times when I take control of the situation and the Top Men to provide them the pleasure they are seeking.***
In most day to day activities these two main functions are so closely linked that the cock sucking pig may forget the distinction.
This is because once a cock sucking pig's mouth or pig-hole have successfully pleased a Cock, it is immediately rewarded with Cum shooting down its whore-throat or up its ravenous whore pig-hole.
Hearing the Man attached to the cock that is releasing itself moan in pleasure and relief.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes important to draw a line between the two functions and remind the faggot that--whether or not it is fucked or given the pleasure of serving Cock with his mouth--it is still and always will be his true worth as being a hole for Cum.
Cum isn't just a reward for Cock-service.
Cum, for a faggot, is a reward in itself for being there for that Man which has chosen to dump his balls of his male essence into the cock sucking faggot pig’s mouth or pig-hole.
A good cock sucking faggot pig cannot live on the Cum of only a single Man.
Instead he should be allowing himself to use by Men from diverse sources.
Real Men will be willing to contribute to the pig’s Cum-fund once they offer their mouth or asshole for the enjoyment and pleasure of the Male.

Get out there and make other Men Happy by giving of yourself sexually to satisfy their Male needs.

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