Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, May 29, 2016

1-1-2003- Happy New Year! (part IV)

So far the afternoon had been a pretty good one. Especially being the first day of the year.

I didn’t expect much to be going on when I had arrived at the Adult Video Store.

Boy was I wrong…

I leaned against the wall to catch some air when the next adventure of the afternoon appeared.

An Older guy with uncut cock hanging out of his fly came in the hallway. 

He walked up and stood next to me. He knew what he wanted and he wanted me to be the one.

I reached and grabbed his limp uncut cock.

It was an impressive size just sticking out his fly.

I then reached and undid his pants so I could get his pants out of the way of business.

With his uncut now at easy access, I knelled down in front of him and kissed his foreskin.

Then I took as much of his manhood in my mouth as I could.

The guy let out a deep sigh as he grabbed my head.

Holding my head he pushed the rest of his cock into my mouth so that his low hanging balls were resting on my chin.

Then he slowly started to fuck my mouth.

Damn, he knew how to fuck face.

Slowly he pushed all his cock into my mouth and down my throat and then slowly he pulled it all the way out until just his cockhead was laying on my tongue.

I let him do all the work and I just kept my mouth open and in just enough motion to keep in time with his fucking.

After a while he asked me if I wanted his load.

I shook my head yes just in time for him to start shooting it in my mouth.

He shot a nice size load which gagged me some before I caught my breath and swallowed all of the load.

Slowly he pulled his cock out of my mouth and then bent forward and kissed me.

I watched as he pulled his pants back together and buttoned them. Then he zipped them up noting that I was watching.

I leaned my head forward and kissed his crotch and told him that was fucking hot having my face fucked so well.

Slowly he turned and walked away.

At the end of the hallway, he turned and looked at me. I was still kneeling where he had fucked my mouth and fed me his load.

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