Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The day started out fairly well.

Ihad a business trip I was going on which I was going to drive to the city I had business in.

As usual, when I took my shower I hosed out my pig-hole. I wanted it to be ready in case I had the chance to satisfy some stranger along my travels.

I always stop at truck stops and any Adult Cinemas.

I arrived at the hotel fairly late in the evening. I had decided to stop for a night along the travels of my trip.

I saw the sign for a motel and pulled into it.

It was a small town motel which was mostly full of Hispanic workers.

I checked into my room and unpacked a few items.

The room had two queen size beds in it, a small refrigerator and a TV.

I had packed a few dildos and lube for my free time.

I had the dildos laying on the extra bed with a bottle of lube.

When I tried to turn on the TV, it didn’t come on.

So I called the front desk and asked if the hotel maintenance worker could come up to my room and check out the problem.

When I heard the knock on my door, I didn’t waste the time to cover up the dildos or put on any pants.

I was just in my underwear and a t-shirt. I was ready to watch some TV before trying to hook up with some of the Hispanics I saw drinking outside near the pool.

When I opened the door, there stood a hot black maintenance worker with his tool belt.

He came into my motel room and shut the door.

I explained the problem of the TV not working.

While the maintenance worker was messing with the TV, he kept grabbing his crotch and making sure I saw him with his crotch in his hand.

After he got the TV working, he turned and stood looking at the dildos on the bed.

You take those up your ass? He asked me.

Sure do I replied to him.

Again he grabbed his big crotch and held onto it.

Then he told he really needed to get off. It had been a long day already and he had several more hours before he got off his shift.

I watched as he undid his pants and let them fall to around his ankles.

Then he pulled his big black cock out of his underwear and let it swing.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and kissed the head of his big black cock.

Then I took it in my mouth and started to suck on it.

His cock was real raunchy and tasted incredibly good.

I look up at his face as I swallowed as much of that cock as I could.

You taste that Mexican’s ass I fucked about an hour ago?

I moaned a yes and kept making love to big cock.

Hell, that meant that some of the Hispanics must be available.

The maintenance worker moved over to the bed with the dildos and sat on the corner of it.

I moved with him and kept worshipping his hard cock.

As I was sucking on his cock and licking his big balls he reached over and picked up one of the larger dildos.

I moved down between his legs under his balls and started licking his sweet spot.

He raised one leg and presented his black puckered asshole.

Clean my asshole faggot he told me.

I dug right in and licked his black hole. It tasted like his cock did, raunchy just enough to make the whole experience even hotter.

He grabbed my head and pushed it into his ass as I ate it.

It was pure black man funk.

While I was eating his ass, he told me he wanted to watch me fuck myself and open my asshole to get it ready for him to fuck.

I took the dildo he had picked up from the bed and lubed it up.

Then I got on my knees and pushed the fat dildo into my asshole.

Then after taking a deep breath, I started to fuck myself with it.

He sat there stroking his hard cock watching me fuck myself and open my asshole for his pleasure.

He was really getting off watching me fuck myself with the dildo.

After fucking myself to his liking, I pulled out the dildo and presented him my white ass.

He climbed up behind me and pushed his big black hard cock inside me.

After a short pause, he started fucking me.

I was pleased he fucked my hard and deep. Just the way I like men with big cocks to fuck me.

He made my ass feel like a pig slut’s ass feel the way it should.

I watched the clock and this black stud fucked me hard for a good 30 minutes or more.

Then he pulled out and told me to hand him the bottle of lube.

I watched as he greased up his hand.

He pushed several of his fingers into my gapping asshole. Followed by his whole hand.

The maintenance worker was fixing more than just the TV in my motel room.

He fisted me for a while and then pulled his hand out of me.

He forced my head down on the bed and started pissing in my face. I gulped down as much of his golden nectar as possible.

When he finished pissing he stuffed his cock back in me.

He slammed his hard black cock into me a couple of deep hard before he blew his load in me.

When he pulled out of my ass, I turned and got hold to his sloppy cock.

My ass and his cum tasted so good as I cleaned his cock.

After he stuffed his cock back in his underwear and put his pants back on, he told me he was going to hook me up with a couple of the Hispanic staying in the motel.

He told me that I needed to get a couple of cases of cold beer and I could have all the Mexican cock and ass I wanted.

That was a busy evening which caused me to stay an extra night at that cheap hotel in a backwoods town.

Disclaimer: Pictures used to illustrate this posting were downloaded from various Tumblr collection.
I believe this pictures are not copyrighted and free to be used.
I claim no ownership to any of the pictures used.
If you own any of the pictures used in this posting and want them removed, just let me know.
This story might be true and it might be fantasy.
It is intended for adults to enjoy.

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