Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Friday – 2-26-20XX GloryHole Work – section 3

I entered one of the video booths that was next to an occupied booth.

I had no idea who or what was in the occupied video booth.

I was there to have sex so I peered through the oval hole to see a black guy stroking the cock pictured above.

Another nice looking cock needing some attention.

I laid my finger in the bottom of the oval opening.

I wanted to make sure he knew I was there and that I was interested in sucking his cock.

I watched as he turned enough to give me a better view of his hard cock.

Then I heard him say something about me wanting to suck his cock.

I replied with the fact that I was hungry for his cock and wanted it.

Now he turned all the way and faced the plywood wall that separated us.

The dark colored head of his cock was pointed at me.

I told the guy to feed me his cock through that damn glory hole.

I really wanted to be in the video booth with him kneeling in front of him and sucking that nice dark cock.

He took one step and had his cock just at the glory hole.

I could smell his cock now and it was driving me crazy.

I wanted that cock but I was willing to play his game.

I knew he was going to give it to me eventually.

I breathed out on his cock and then took a deep breath in of his cock 
scent. Damn it smelled so good.

Now he took another step toward the wall and just his cock head entered my space.

This allowed me to kiss the dark colored cock head and let the owner know 

I knew how to respect a man’s actions.

As I started to give that cock a second kiss, the owner stepped forward again giving me as much of his cock as he could.

At first I took the cock head in my mouth and licked on it.

Then I swallowed as much of it as I could with the plywood wall between us.

I heard the guy moan in pleasure. This is just what I wanted to hear.

Slowly I began moving up and down on the cock. Taking it in my mouth and litely chewing and then letting it slide over my tongue and out of my mouth.

Since we were in the video booths with the big oval glory holes. I was able to lick on his balls and then move back to making love to his cock.

It wasn’t long before the black guy feeding me his dark colored cock started to fuck my mouth through the glory hole.

I hope this was a gesture letting me know he wanted to fuck.

This cock was big enough to be able to fuck my asshole with no problem if I had it pushed up to the glory hole.

I stood up and dropped my pants. As I was pushing my underwear down, I turned and faced my ass toward the hole in the wall with the hard black cock sticking it out from it.

I gave him time to suit up with a condom if he wanted but he didn’t.

Next I spit on my fingers and lubed my ass up.

Backing toward the hard cock, I paused when the cockhead touched my asshole.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed myself onto the hard black forcing it up my asshole and deep inside me.

Damn it felt good inside of my ass.

I pressed my ass cheeks against the plywood wall that separated us.

This is when the guy attached to the cock started to fuck me through the glory hole.

Fuck it good.

I heard him say, shit that ass feels good. Make love to cock with your ass.

Shit fuck it felt so damn good.

I kept my ass pressed against the wall as he pushed up inside my asshole and then pull his cock out.

I was a real glory hole pig because I kept my ass against that glory hole for him to enjoy it as long as he wanted.

The guy must have been long winded because he fuck me for seemed to be forever.

I was in pig heaven and couldn’t get enough of my asshole being used for this stud’s pleasure.

He was a long winded fucker and was enjoying my asshole as much as I was enjoying his cock inside of me.

Through the wall he kept telling how good my ass was.

This had me on a natural high. I didn’t need any poppers to enhance this adventure.

It seemed like forever as this guy kept fucking me through the hole in the plywood wall that separated us.

I really wanted to be in his booth without the wall between but I wasn’t going to stop and ask and maybe screw everything up.

I was there to please him. If this is what he wanted, it was OK with me.

As usual, good things have to come to an end.

I heard his breathing get harder and the wall between us started to shake some.

His hard cock got fatter in my asshole and he was fucking hard.

I knew he was close exploding his load in my asshole. The same asshole that he had been fucking for more than 30 minutes.

Then it happened.

He thrust his rock hard cock as deep in my asshole as he could with that damn wall between us.

I could feel the cum pumping out of that cock into me.

This fucker was using my pig asshole as his cum dump.

While he was climaxing, he kept saying things shit, damn, fuck muthrfuckr.

When he had stop pumping his male essence into my asshole, I pulled my ass off his cock.

Quickly I grabbed his cock to keep him from pulling it back through the hole. I wanted him to know I was through you.

I turned around and knelt back down in front of that glory hole.

That’s when I took his cum covered cock back into my mouth and started to clean it up from that long fuck.

My ass juices mixed with his cum tasted so good.

He moaned some more and then finally pulled his cock out of my as before and back through the glory hole.

Damn what a fuck I heard him say as I watched him put his cock back in his underwear and then pull up his pants.

I kept kneeling there watching until he unlocked the door to the video booth and exited.

As I was getting up from kneeling in front of the almighty glory hole, I heard a knock on the door to the video booth I had just been royally fucked in.

I opened the door and there he was. Damn he was HOT.

He asked me for my phone. I fumbled in my pants pocket and handed it to him.

I watched as he typed in something.

When he handed it back to me, he said to text him in a couple of days he would tell me where to meet him to get fucked by him again.

That’s another Adventure that I will post.

Damn my asshole felt so fucking good.

When I went to exit the video booth I was in, someone entered the one next to mine that the black guy had just left.

I couldn’t leave without checking it out.

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