Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Sunday, May 29, 2016

1-1-2003- Happy New Year! (part II)

I left the booth and went hunting for cock again. I checked out the hallways and there really wasn’t anything I was interested in.

On the other hall I noticed that the end booth, that had a glory hole in the wall between it and the next one, had someone in it.

So I went in the empty booth next to the occupied one and squatted down to look through the glory hole to see who was in other booth.

I could see the guy in the booth was wearing jeans, a denim shirt and cowboy boots.

He was playing with a nice looking uncut cock.

He was pulling on his skin and playing with his balls while he played with himself.

He noticed I was watching and he took and stretched his foreskin to show that he was uncut.

He pulled a good inch or more of skin off the head of his cock.

I fingered the glory hole to let him know I wanted to suck on that beautiful uncut cock of his.

He turned toward the glory hole and stuck that uncut cock of his through the glory hole for me to have.

I moved forward to get closer to the glory hole and his uncut cock and I could smell a little man cheese from this cowboy’s skin. Nothing like Tattoo Boy’s.

I got my nose right in the opening of his skin and took a deep breath to get a good head rush before eating his uncut meat.

To show respect to the cock I was about to take in my mouth and give oral pleasure to, I kissed it with all my love for uncut cock.

Then I got my tongue all up in his foreskin and licked around his cock head cleaning out that man-cheese. Fuck, it tasted so good. My head was spinning.

I moved from eating his skin to swallowing his cock and eating it. Lightly chewing on it.

I made love to this beautiful smelly uncut cowboy snake for a long while.
As I ate his skin and his cock his balls were just hanging below. He had pushed them through the round glory hole cut in the wall with his cock.

The glory hole made a nice cock ring for him. His manhood filled the hole completely.

It took a while, but finally his cock started to grow and get harder as I worked on it.

I never mind spending as much time as needed to get a man to this point.

Then it happened.

I had about half of his cock in my mouth with his skin laying down my throat when it started pumping his sweet salty seed into my throat.

I started nursing the Cowboy’s uncut snake with my tongue while it fed me more and more of his cum.

This load of cum was the sweetest I had tasted in a long time. It was just like candy – uncut man candy.

Finally when I couldn’t milk any more cum from this Cowboy, he started to pull it back through the hole and out of my throat.

I didn’t want to give it up, but knew he was through. His uncut cock was going limp quickly in my mouth.

I grabbed my camera off the floor and took a picture of it as he pulled it back into his booth. It was a great shot of a half limp uncut cowboy cock with a drop of leftover cum hanging off the skin.

I got my self together and put my camera away.

I looked back through the glory hole and the cowboy was stuffing his drained manhood back into his jeans.

I headed on out of the video booth back into the main hallway.  

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