Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Friday Glory Hole Work - #4 2-26-20XX

FridayGloryHoleWork #4

After just getting fucked royally through the glory hole, you would think I would take a break.


Someone else had entered the booth next to the one I was in so I stopped to take a glance at what was there.

Before I could get down on my knees to peer through the glory hole, the guy that had entered the vacant video booth pushed this cock through the glory hole to me.

No questions asked. He wanted me to give his cock some attention.

I kissed it as usual and then took a sniff of that wet foreskin.

This cock was real musky smelling and I like a wet foreskin to lick.

I licked around the wet head and then took the cock into my mouth.

Oh my God, it tasted so fucking good. Better then you can imagine.

Then I took all of the limp cock into my mouth and started running my tongue all around letting it slide out of my mouth.

Quickly this uncut black cock grew in my mouth.

I took a second to get this picture.

Then I slipped my camera back into my pocket as I continued to make love to dark brown chocolate cock.

It didn’t take much to make this new guy blew his load into my mouth and down my throat.

Just a few minutes and I was getting fed a fresh load from those big balls.

The guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and I watched as he stepped back and turned some.

He took and wiped his cock dry before putting it back in his pants.

I watched as he left the video booth very content.

Watch for more posting from this day of adventures

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