Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Friday – 2-26-20XX - GloryHole Work – section 2

As I turned the corner in the new section to go down the back hallway, there stood this nice looking older black man.

He had his cock out from his jeans and was stroking it. It looked to be semi-hard.

As you will see, it was a nice uncut piece of meat needing my mouth to show it some loving.

I walked up next to the guy and without saying a word to him, I knelt down on my one knee and put my face just inches away from where he was holding onto his uncut cock.

I looked up at him and smiled.

No words needed to be exchanged.

I wanted his cock and he wanted me to have it.

He fed his cock into my mouth and I took as much of it as I could.

His jeans were in the way of taking all of it.

I reached to undo his jeans and he shook his head no. He didn’t want his jeans opened.

I respected him and started to make love to that tasty uncut cock.

Damn it tasted good. Better than I expected it to.

While he was stroking his cock, it must have been leaking pre-cum because it tasted nice and musky.

Shortly after I started making love to his cock, the guy started to moan.

Then he started telling me how good what I was doing felt.

He grabbed the back of my head and held it as he began to pump my mouth fucking my mouth and throat.

I let him do the pumping as I slid my tongue over his cock making love as he fucked.

It wasn’t long before he was panting hard.

Then it happened. His cock fed me a nice load of his cum.

Here is his cock with that last drop of cum ready for me to lick off of it.

After I was finished making the love to his cock that he was there for, I watched him flip it back into his fly and zip up.

He told me he was coming back in the afternoon and hoped I would be there.

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