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Sam Bear's Color

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A true faggot’s Thoughts While Being Used as a Urinal

A true faggot’s Thoughts While Being Used as a Urinal

I wait on my knees as He enters the Men’s Room, anticipating the taste of His piss.

Knowing that I am exactly where He and I need me to be at this moment.

He needs a hole to piss in, and I need to be of service to this MAN, this GOD.

He has agreed to allow this worthless fag to drink His Piss.
His golden nectar I crave.

He stands in front of me, looking down, tells me how much He’s had to drink already today and how 
He’s been holding His Piss for hours

“Open!” He says, and I comply, opening my urinal hole mouth and tilting my head back slightly.

He unzips His pants, pulls out His GOD COCK and places the Head of IT on my tongue.

His Hands go to the top of my head, and He begins to piss.
I close my lips lightly around the Head of His Cock and 
begin to swallow His Piss.

I become HIS urinal.

I am just a fixture, like any other wall mounted 
urinal in any Men’s room.

But this urinal understands what a great honor 
it is to receive an Alpha Male’s Piss.

I know how luck I am to be allowed to consume a Real Man’s Piss, to receive HIS 2nd hand fluids.

Fluids that have passed through HIS mouth, HIS stomach, HIS digestive system, HIS Kidneys, HIS bladder, 
and finally HIS Cock.

HIS Body has taken from them what HE needs, and now, HE gives this faggot what is left.

I swallow it all.

I feel complete, content, useful.

My body will process HIS waste, taking from it what it can, making it a part of me, making HIM a part of me.

By HIS waste, HE feeds me, gives me nourishment, gives me a purpose. Makes me His human urinal.

HE finishes pissing, pulls HIS Cock from my mouth,
puts his Cock away.

HE looks down at me, and spits in my open mouth, giving me even more of HIS fluids to swallow.

I thank HIM for using me.

“See you next time faggot” HE says before leaving.

Then he slap my face and calls me what I am…

Later, with my bladder full of HIS Piss, I will drain it onto the floor where I kneel, trying to make as much of HIM a part of me as possible.

I will smell of his markings, the smell of his 
Piss in mine own.

I am a faggot. I am nothing without HIM and 
His Alpha Male brothers.

I am there to be a human urinal and drink the Piss from every Alpha Male as needed.

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