Sam Bear's Color

Sam Bear's Color

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I spent the morning and early afternoon at Apple Chill in Chapel Hill. I was there helping a Mexican friend sell his paper maché art.

Most of the men at the festival were pretty average looking. The typical arts and craft festival goers.

There were a few real good looking ones.

It was fun interacting with them trying to sell the art.

It was mid-afternoon and my friend had someone else there to help him.

I decided to head on home and stop by the bookstore on the way. When I got there, there wasn’t very much going on in the back.

Once my eyes adjusted to the dark, I headed for the larger side. There I saw two guys getting their cocks sucked. One of the guys was a white guy and the other guy was black.

I recognized the black guy. He and I had connected a few weeks before. 
He had told me that he was from Greensboro and came up to Durham a few times a month.

When he saw me, he pulled his cock out of the guy’s mouth sucking him, put it in is pants.

He walked over to me and told me to find an empty booth. We went into the first booth.

Before I could even grab his cock and pull it out of his pants, he told me he wanted to fuck me.

This guy then told me how he remembered me from before and how good it had been the last time. He said he was glad I was there because he needed a good piece of ass.

As he undid his pants, I reached in my pocket for a condom. I remembered he had asked me if I had one the last time. I was glad I was prepared. As usual, I had my book store clothes on.

I handed him the condom and at the same time, grabbed his cock. It was rock hard, throbbing and just waiting to get in my hole.

He told me to take off my pants. He said it would give him better access to my hole.

I liked this idea, so I took off my shoes and then my shorts. I pushed them over under the movie screen out of the way.

I greased up my hole and bent over the stool that was in the booth. He reached down with on hand and spread my cheeks. With the other hand he aimed his stiff tool at my hole.

I took a deep breath and relaxed my hole for his entry.

This man was incredible. His cock was rock hard and he knew how to fuck. 

Once he got his cock in ass hole, he didn’t stop fucking. It felt so damn good.

After fucking me for several minutes, he reached down and grabbed my legs and pulled them up to level of his hips. He held onto my legs as they were the handles of a wheel barrel.

Damn this felt good. He was able to really ram that sweat black cock in my hole.

After a few minutes, he let go of my legs. I took and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He then started fucking me real hard. I knew he must have been just about ready to cum. He was pounding my ass really hard. Then he rammed it in hard and deep and started shooting his load into my hungry butt. I locked my legs tight around him and my ass hole milked the last drops of cum out of his cock.

Damn, what a fucking. He collapsed over onto my back panting. Sweat was dripping off of him onto my back. It felt so good. It somewhat cooled me down after that incredible fucking.

Finally he pulled his cock out of my ass. I turned around quickly and dropped to my knees in front of him.

Hanging in front of my face was his long black latex cover cock. It had a sack full of his white cum hanging from the end of it.

I reached up and slowly peeled the condom off his cock.

I took my token and held onto it tight. I didn’t want to lose it or any of his cum out of it.

I then swallowed his cock and cleaned the remaining cum off of it. When I was finished with this little task, I reached for my pants. I reached in my pocket and took out a wipe and handed to him to clean his sweat cock off before he put it away. We both got dressed and he left the booth.

I shut the door behind him. I still had the cum-filled condom in my hand and I wanted that load of cum.

I pulled my still hard cock out of pants and started stroking it. I put the open end of the condom in my mouth and squeezed the cum onto my tongue.

As I started to swallow his load, I shot my load.

His cum was really sweet. I was like eating the cream center that came out of his jumbo size chocolate bar.

Damn it was good. I shot one huge load too.

It had been a long afternoon and I was satisfied now. I dropped my tokens in the bucket on the way out and headed on home.


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